About The Patriot

They say it’s no longer good to be proud of your nation. I can’t agree. My whole life I have been raised on good values, values that pride themselves on serving others, serving my nation, and my family. Do I think the USA has done no wrong? No. But do I think any other country is like the USA? Absolutely not.

My name is Chad Parker, and Patriot Freedom is a place where I express many things that, I hope, will help people. My three big focus areas are health, tech and computers. Why? Well, these are the three things that impact us all the most every day. If we don’t have our health, we can’t do anything. Nowadays, if we don’t understand tech then we have no reach and understanding of the world as it is. And, finally, if we don’t have a computer of some sort, be it a laptop or otherwise, we can’t connect with each other nearly as easily.

My own experience is in the server hosting world, and through helping people understand how these systems work and understanding why they needed it and what they did, I grew to love the diversity in this nation more and more.

My father was a veteran who served all his life, and perhaps that had a part in shaping my life and love for this country. I was never naive about the realities of what he did. I have always known the flaws and problems faced everyday. But it is my hope that the world can improve, and our own nation cannot improve if we don’t love it, and try to show how we love it. Love means getting better, improving, growing.